Finally, A Plain-Spoken Mystic Gets to the Heart of the Matter

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1 – Drunvalo Melchizedek (1990)

            This is a deep dive indeed.  As I am always on the look-out for weirdness and bizarre books I try to keep a running list of odd tomes that authors often reference, or use as source material.  I prefer to go read the actual source than to read someone’s interpretation of it.  I want to do the interpreting!  Because of this I found myself seeking out Drunvalo Melchizedek’s engrossing and enlightening work describing his experiences in researching what mystics call “Sacred Geometry.”  This is the first volume of two, and serves as an introduction to the idea of sacred geometry, where it comes from, and what it means to the whole of existence.

            (Let me make something clear before I continue.  I read about many things.  I read about ideas I do not hold, and viewpoints I do not agree with.  I am always seeking new data, and new ways of thinking about the multiverse we all inhabit.  I am a supporter of new ideas, not a “believer” in new ideas.  Does that make sense? It may be that everything discussed in this book by Drunvalo Melchizedek is accurate and real, but I am not the person to judge.  I can only try and understand the content of this book based upon the countless other books and experiences I have been fortunate enough to acquire.)

            The author wants to explain sacred geometry, and specifically, the image called by ancients and mystics The Flower of Life, and where this all comes from.  This requires us as readers to accept that the author is channeling ancient entities/angels who provide him with the information he seeks to share with us.  This may seem weird, but I have read of many “normal” authors whose fiction they claim comes unbidden from who-knows-where?  Stephen King, a very prolific author, has discussed how whole story ideas and book plots have come to him as if he tapped some source outside of himself.  Countless other artists and creative people claim the same.  I choose to take Mr. Melchizedek at his word about his sources, but of course I reserve judgement.

            According to the author, what we term the age of modern man, or human civilization, is actually just the most recent flowering of humanity.  He states that in the wisdom received from angels and the being Thoth he was informed that not only did vast ancient civilizations exist throughout the Earth hundreds of thousands of years before Egypt’s Old Kingdom, but that they have influenced our collective culture, religions, and beliefs.   This is all quite a standard trope in “received wisdom” writings, but in this case the message is not hidden under layers of obfuscation or cryptic word-play.  Drunvalo Melchizedek comes right out and tells you everything in a plain manner, with a lot of visual assistance through photos and diagrams.

Mystics have always held that there is one key feature of the Universe.  As above, so below.  Many take that to mean that heaven is like Life, while others take it to mean that outer space follows the same laws as the planet where we live.  Yet others see this statement as an indicator that, in order to know the Universe one can study the Self, or vice versa, if you wish to know the Self, you can find your answers by looking at our Universe.  Either way it is true.  However, the ideal of Sacred Geometry is that the human body, by its proportions, can show the same mathematical relationships that are seen by measuring the heavens. 

I do not want to just give examples and details, because they are all of a piece, and need to be taken in all together for the desired effect.  The author shares information in several different ways, in order that both our Left (feminine) brain and our Right (masculine) brain both understand everything.  I found this really cool.  I am a hyper masculine thinker, deeply rooted in logic and reasoning, but my subconscious is where my allegorical and metaphorical thinking takes place, and that is where my art comes from.  Because of this, I am aware that the brain can sometimes be processing information subconsciously while the conscious brain is occupied with the day to day job of keeping alive.

This first volume holds as its aim the goal of sharing with the reader exactly what is Sacred Geometry, why it matters, and how this knowledge was handed down through time.  It succeeded in piquing my curiosity for Volume 2.  Volume 2 seeks to explain how each individual can create their own transcendent spiritual body, called the Mer-Ka-Ba.  It is this spiritual creation that allows a human to transcend this mortal coil, and create a body crafted of pure consciousness.  Various synthetic, structural Mer-Ka-Ba’s have been created through time by beings residing here on Earth, attempting to create a planet where the population has the possibility of transcending their corporeal existence.  Supposedly our planet is here precisely for that, and this is what the man named Emmanuel, who people choose to call Jesus the Christ, was trying to impart to his followers, only to have this personal revelation be hidden by crooks who sought only to ensure their wealth and power and their status as intermediaries between humanity and the gods (of course, I am talking about organized religions, priests, rabbis, clerics, monks, etc., the very same people who worked with those in Roman government to wrongfully accuse and execute their Messiah.)  I cannot wait to see what Volume 2 holds.  If it is anything like Volume 1, it will give me a lot to think about!

(This book can be purchased here: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1 )

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