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          RXTT has been reading books since before he can remember, having learned to read at a very early age.  One of his first book obsessions was the Nancy Drew series, because he fell in love with Nancy Drew.  He began reading classic science fiction anthologies and countless Louis L'Amour westerns, purchased along with the Nancy Drew books, at his local library's book sales.  As a youth his favorite books were Robinson Crusoe and Robin Hood, which he would re-read often, but he read everything that came into his hands, including comic books, magazines, books and newspapers.  RXTT eventually proceeded to read through everything Stephen King and Clive Barker wrote, while at the same time obsessively reading any and every science book he could get his hands on, with a focus on astronomy and physics.

          As a young teenager he read dozens of the Destroyer series, in which Remo Williams was trained by the Sinanju Master Chiun from Korea.  RXTT also discovered the work of Kurt Vonnegut and read everything he wrote.  Since his main focus was always non-fiction books, he soon progressed to reading anything he could get his hands on that explored the Occult, Art, Science History, Music, Free-thought, and Philosophy.  As an older teenager he discovered the works of Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski, proceeding to read everything they put out as well.  Taking advantage of the University of Houston Library, he plowed through books on topics as diverse as early 20th century Spanish Anarchism, the German Free-thought movement, Quantum Mechanics, cosmology, Picasso, ancient cave paintings, etc.  As he grew older his love of books grew and grew and began to encompass even more esoteric and diverse fields of study.  Reading the Autobiography of Malcom X really resonated with him, especially the passage where Malcolm was taught by a fellow inmate how to read for personal education, and not just for "entertainment."  It was a long while before RXTT read another novel.

          In his 20's RXTT began to read all of the cyberpunk and science fiction writers he had neglected, with an emphasis on Issac Asimov, Greg Bear, Rudy Rucker, and Arthur C. Clarke, and his obsession with hard-science fiction never abated.  These readings drew him to the work of Robert Anton Wilson (RAW), specifically the Illuminatus Trilogy he co-wrote with Robert Shea.  He then proceeded to find and read everything that Robert Anton Wilson ever wrote, in the process discovering many other books and writers that RAW would reference, such as Buckminster Fuller, Alfred Korzybski, and others.

          More recently, RXTT has read extensively on the subjects of mythology, symbolism, neurosciences, identity, the acquisition of knowledge, reality, and religious history, and is always up for any recommendation that may come his way.  He will stop reading when they pry the books from his cold, dead hands.


Having said that, RXTT welcomes any reading suggestions, or correspondence regarding books, authors, or the world of writing in general. If you are a writer and want to have your book reviewed, please contact RXTT at the email below.  

RXTT can be contacted at: rxtt.art@gmail.com
RXTT is on I.G.  @robinstigator
RXTT is on the (Formerly Known As)Twitter @Robinstigator


  1. HI, What was the name of the last book u had up on your site? It was about time travel.

    1. I am unsure of which book you refer to.

    2. I was about a man stuck on a spaceship for like 170 days and another ship came by, he thought he was saved. But the ship went right passed and left him there.

    3. https://rxttbooks.blogspot.com/2017/05/alfred-bester-writes-novel-for-ages.html GREAT BOOK! Download available in review.


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